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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Monmouth County Tree?

All tree removal companies that operate in New Jersey are required to have a Licensed Tree Care Operator (LTCO) present at all job sites. All of our active job sites are supplied with an LTCO at no extra cost to the customer, assuring that not only is your job performed legally, but with the utmost care and respect to your property and home. 
Contact us 24/7 for a free, preliminary phone estimate and follow-up (also free!) in-person estimate!​
  • Why is it important to have a licensed arborist give the estimate?
    It is required by the state of New Jersey to have a Licensed Tree Care Operator (LTCO) on the job site. LTCO's have the required knowledge and experience to understand all aspects of tree care and are trained and equipped to perform with proper care and safety. Find out more from the NJ Board of Tree Experts:
  • How long does it take to get an estimate on my work?
    Our goal is to make giving estimates as fast, easy, and flexible as possible. We are available 24/7 to give you an approximate estimate over the phone if you wish to send pictures, followed by an onsite estimate that you do not have to be present for if your schedule doesn't allow. If you would prefer to meet with someone face to face, our company has a very flexible 7 days a week schedule to accommodate yours.
  • Does your company work year round?
    Yes. We are available 24/7 for emergencies.
  • Will my property be protected against damage?
    We have the proper equipment and years of experience to minimize damage to lawns and protect against damage to your home. The LTCO (Licensed Tree Care Operator) assigned to your job will ensure that the work is done properly and safely by New Jersey code standards. All Monmouth County Tree teams and partners are required to have liability insurance to cover any damage that may happen in the process of a job, however unlikely it may be.
  • Can I keep wood or wood chips from my job?
    You can keep the amount of wood that you would like and our crew will cut it up into the requested size. You can also keep the wood chips, as well as call the office at any time to request wood chips all year long.
  • If my tree has grown too big can I make it smaller?
    It is illegal to top a tree in NJ. However, the tree can be trimmed properly but this will not reduce the height.
  • Will I be able to grow grass after I have a stump ground?
    The licensed arborist will instruct you on the steps to take to grow grass after the stump has been removed according to what type of tree was in the area.
  • I have old wood or branches from another job. Will you take that away?
    Yes but there might be a minimal additional charge.
  • Am I allowed to trim my neighbor's tree?
    You are allowed to trim anything on your property line from the ground up but it would be advisable to make your neighbor aware of the work that is being done.
  • Do I need a permit to remove my tree?
    Some towns do require a permit depending on the girth and location of the tree on your property.
  • Why can't I grow grass under my trees?
    Grass needs sunlight to produce food. Our licensed arborist can advise you how the tree should be trimmed for light and airflow.
  • Will my tree fall if I only remove branches from one side?
    No. The root system is what stabilizes the tree however the base of the tree should be examined by a licensed arborist.
  • My tree is leaning...does that mean it will fall?
    If your tree has been leaning for a long time and the ground seems to be undisturbed, then most likely it is competing for sun from surrounding trees. If you just noticed that a tree seems to be leaning, then you can check the area around the base to see if the ground is raised in any area. If so, contact the office and we will come out to give you a free evaluation let you know if the tree has become hazardous.
  • Can I save money if I do some of the work myself?
    We have certain protocols for different jobs and if the homeowner decides to do some of the work on his own it could result in more labor cost by making the materials more time consuming to move.
  • Do you have a green policy?
    Yes we do! We bring all of the wood to a center that processes it into firewood and the chips are processed into mulch.
  • Are all of your crews qualified?
    We have experienced and dedicated crews that have been with our company for many years. A licensed arborist conducts weekly safety meetings as well as an annual required safety course. A licensed arborist is also present at all job sites while work is being done.
  • How do I know if my tree is in distress?
    If the leaves start to fall or shrivel before late Sept. to early Oct., then there could be an issue. Sometimes this will happen during a drought or if the ground has been disturbed in the vicinity of the tree.
  • Do you have tree climbers?
    Yes. We have a minimum of 4 experienced and fully qualified tree climbers on staff year round.
  • What if I don't want trucks or equipment on my lawn?
    You can inquire at the time of estimate whether or not equipment will be needed on the lawn. Many jobs do not require equipment being on the lawn. We have experienced and fully qualified tree climbers on all jobs and a full ground crew staff to transport and remove any debris from anywhere on your property. If we deem equipment being on the lawn necessary, we will schedule work for a dry day where the ground is least soft among other precautions. In some cases, depending on the difficulty of the job, it may be possible for you to request that trucks not be allowed on your property. This may incur an additional charge if it makes the job significantly more difficult, hazardous, or time consuming.


Monmouth County Tree is a family run, local company offering residential tree services, including removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and emergency tree services in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas.
With over 40 years of aboricultural experience, let our Licensed Tree Care Operators and highly trained staff take care of your tree needs.
Call or Text for a Fast, Free Estimate!​

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